Achilles Virusafe

High Functional Film
Antiviral Antibacterial Film
Achilles Virusafe

Virusafe is antiviral and antibacterial activity film, can restrain more than 99.99% of adhered virus and bacterial. Raw material has been tested and proven safe, perform quickly when virus or bacterial adhered. Except A4 size sticker, roll type is also available. Use NBC Meshtec Inc.
「Cufitec®」virus and bacterial controlling technology.

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Represent Functions

  • Antiviral
  • Quick Effective
  • Safety

*: Above data is testing result, not guarantee value.

Standard Size


Achilles Virusafe

Color Transparent (color adding is available)
Appearance Matt/Glossy, or both Matt (Matt surface is antiviral layer)
Size Thickness 0.1mm~0.3mm (Sticker type, without adhesive is available)

*: Not always in stock.
*: Please contact us for another size.


  • - Doorknob
  • - Table
  • - Handrail
  • - Desk, reception
  • - Case, cover, etc., where always touching


  • Function and Effect
  • Please read all information before using