Plastic Business

Plastic Business

Chemical Products

Achilles meets a variety of needs brought by the change of the times and the social climate by offering products, which have been developed with our unique technology for our customers.

Our advanced plastic film products play significant roles in many fields,from industrial, stationery to agricultural fields.

Our PVC and PU leathers, which also have been developed with our own technology,are used as the materials of furniture and shoes.

And our rubberized clothes products offer consistent high-function and are also environmentally-friendly as material. They have been applied for rainwear,inflatable boats and air tents and their performance is highly evaluated in each fields.

Flexible polyolefin film[Povic]

Static control / Fireproof film
Achilles seiden crystal]

[Inflatable boat]

Synthetic leather[Cabron]for furniture

General-purpose greenhouse vinyl film for outer covers

Couplings for drainpipes
[Achilles Joint]

Air tent

Floor and Wall Coverings

Creating a pleasant living space

Achilles has a complete range of housing materials and unique technologies that create pleasant living spaces for people.

These provide great housing solutions, a rich choice of colors, materials and textures for wall and floor coverings.

Wall coverings

Cushion floors

Cushion floors