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President's Message

The social environment surrounding us drastically changes at an accelerated speed due to globalization of the world economy, necessity for maintaining global environment, occurrence of large scale natural disasters in Japan as well as various places in the rest of world, and so on.

Until now, Achilles Group has made efforts to realize sustainable growth and creation of/increase in values under Achilles’ corporate philosophy of “Putting customers first underpins our contribution to realizing an affluent society by creating products and providing excellent services that satisfy and inspire our customers.”

In order to deal well with unprecedentedly large and difficult changes in society, how can Achilles Group contribute? Achilles Group is now put to the test.

Further improving and evolving our plastic processing technology that has been cultivated by us since the foundation of Achilles, we are now ready to propose products that are more familiar to the public and those more ingenious.

We have set the following four as keywords for making pursuit of increase in new values: they are “wellbeing,” a word of hopes for thriving in and being fine for all time; “amenity,” a word of hopes for comfortable living environment; “amusing,” a word representing pleasure to use; and “energy saving,” words for making good use of precious natural resources. an aim of making pursuit of increase in new values, all the Achilles men and women are now ready to create products and services by making good use of their wisdom and ingenious contrivance. By doing so, they are ready to fulfill customers’ requests.

We are committed to responding to confidence and expectations of all the stakeholders by continuously improving ourselves to become a company that can greatly contribute to constructing an affluent and comfortable society.