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President's Message

Smiles abound when we can live a rich life with peace of mind.

Global climate change, natural disasters, and the trend toward a lower birthrate and aging society in Japan are just some of the elements that cause anxiety in our lives. In addition, the world economy is becoming even more globalized and the social environment around us is changing at an ever-increasing pace.

The Achilles Group has been striving to achieve sustainable growth and create and increase corporate value under its corporate philosophy of "Putting customers first" underpins our contribution to realizing an affluent society by creating products and providing excellent services that satisfy and inspire our customers, based on a customer-focused approach. In response to the ever-changing environment, we at the Achilles Group must accelerate our efforts to create new value under this corporate philosophy.

We must further advance the product development and commercialization technology that we have accumulated since our founding, pursuing resource conservation and energy savings as we utilize information processing technology to create smarter processes. We will use our integrated strength in many areas of business to propose products and services that are more comfortable and original than ever before for our customers.

A rich life where people grow up healthy, stay healthy, respect each other's diversity and have peace of mind—this will surely bring many smiles. All employees at all locations of the Achilles Group will gather their wisdom and ingenuity as we strive to bring smiles to the faces of as many people as possible.

The Achilles Group is dedicated to continuous improvement in order to remain a company that can contribute to the creation of a rich and comfortable society, and to meet the trust and expectations of all stakeholders.