Industrial Business

Industrial Business

Industrial Materials Ⅱ

We offer a great many high-tech products, including static control items and injection molded parts.

The ST polymer, an essential technical component in the production of parts for personal computers and electronics, is gaining attention around the world for its qualities of environmental friendliness and low gas emissions. We also produce a variety of electronics-related items including EMI shields, heat conductive sheets, and more. As for industrial applications, we have developed RIM molds, which can be utilized in large-scale plastic molding with small lots and larger, and paint masking tools using electroforming technology. At Achilles, we are contributing to all types of fields through technology that leads the way.

Conductive tape for electrostatic chuck

ST-poly treated conductive trays

Static eliminator

Wafer carriers

Conductive floor mat

Machine housing

CT imaging system

Water meter